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I browsed the truscum tag. Again, I normally stay out of this debate, I just really use this blog to post things that I think my friends will like and vent personal frustrations.

But I have two friends who do browse the tag frequently and comment on things found in the truscum tag. And in it I have noticed some things.

  • Truscum do not insult others.
  • Truscum do not go after people and purposefully try to trigger dysphoria
  • Truscum do not tell people to harm themselves or to die.

What I have noticed is that those who are “genderspecials” seem to do these things. While browsing the tag I see horrible slurs towards those who are:

  • Trans by medical definition
  • Homosexual
  • Have disabilities
  • Are cis (which there is nothing wrong with being cis)
  • Are male (either trans or cis)
  • and more

Seriously, the barrage of insults in the tag by anti-truscums in the truscum tag are just awful. It just further proves, to me at least, that those who are “genderspecials” and use nounself pronouns are highly immature and really, not ready to be on a social networking site.

No one should ever wish death, harm, or panic attacks on others. No one should purposefully try to send people into a state where they could harm themselves or worse because they are made to feel so low.

Once you use an insult or a threat or try to trigger someone’s pain, then you have immediately lost all credibility on the subject you are trying to “educate” someone on. I put educate in quotations because on the side of anti-truscums I do not see much education.

Not once do I see a post explaining why they say they are trans without resorting to gender stereotypes. And really, just a post explaining that could persuade others to take you seriously. But there is no such argument.

I have tried to think of a way where perhaps an anti-truscum is right. But I literally cannot. Not without making men and women and nonbinaries conform to what society expects out of a binary gender set-up. And that is a very outdated way of thinking.

I’m a cis-female. But I’m hardly feminine at all. That does not mean I am a trans-man. It means I’m a woman who likes things that are traditionally “male”. It doesn’t make me evil, or unable to speak on a subject. It just means I am cis-female.

Now my husband is cis-male. And while he likes many a “manly” thing, he also loves floral scented candles, bubble baths, and sometimes even borrows my deodorant because he likes the “feminine” scents. This doesn’t make him a trans-woman. It just means he likes traditionally “girly” things. And being a man doesn’t make him evil. It just makes him a man (and a good one at that).

So really, there’s nothing wrong with being cis. And there’s nothing wrong with being trans. But to base being trans on whether or not you like certain things is trying to put society back into expected gender roles. And that is an outdated and dangerous way of thinking.

What is more dangerous though is the way anti-truscums sling around slurs and insults and threats of harm and death. This is bullying, plain and simple. And it discredits you as a reliable source for information for those who would seek to knowledge themselves in what it really means to be trans.

So, um, this is probably going to turn into my New and Improved art blog. Yeah. Um… okay.


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